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It’s really no wonder that most people who try to create a profitable email list give up. But the truth is…

Why Struggle In Your Email Marketing Efforts When You Can Get Results Like These?

From The Top Secret Email Marketing Lab Of: Wael Kaheel

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

My name is Wael Kaheel.

Over the past few years, I’ve been deep in the trenches and have made important discoveries that have helped me 3x my profitability - and have ended up on affiliate leaderboards while I was at it.

Even better is the lessons I’ve learned about email marketing has given me the power to send massive traffic to any offer, at any time I choose.

I accomplished all of this without using any of the sneaky blackhat tips and tricks used by shady unethical marketers who are only looking to shortcut their way to success, only to end up caught red-handed and plastered on a wall of digital marketing shame.


I accomplished all of this without using any of the sneaky blackhat tips and tricks used by shady unethical marketers who are only looking to shortcut their way to success, only to end up caught red-handed and plastered on a wall of digital marketing shame.

I chose to do it the right way and create a system that would give any Internet Entrepreneur a massive unfair advantage.

In fact, the methods I use are so bulletproof solid and powerful that today I’m offering them to you on a silver platter.


Here's a Tip I can share with you now....

You’ve probably heard time and time again that, “The Money Is In The List!”.

That quote is WRONG!

It has been also said that “Money is the root of all EVIL… Which is also quoted wrong. The quote actually goes like this - “The Love of Money is the root of all evil!”

And for marketers, the correct quote should be…

"The Money is in the Relationship With Your list!"

So you now have useful tip right here on my sales page!

For more tips and ways you can get an even more powerful Advantage - keep reading…

The email marketing techniques you are about to discover could be used as a permanent game-plan for your business and will be responsible for getting more of your subject lines noticed, more of your emails read, and more clicks than ever before.

Clicks are important because without clicks, there are no sales.

But before I share the goods, I want to let you in on something.

I have tried it all.


I have spent a lot of time doing all the stuff that almost every expert marketer tells you to do in order to be achieve e mail marketing success:

  • I have read the books.
  • I have taken the courses.
  • I have bought the tools and software.
  • I have been through the coaching.

And Here’s What I Discovered:

Some of the stuff was good, some of it was okay, but most of it was rubbish. Yep, most of it was the same old rehashed verbiage you hear every rookie marketer spouting about.

You read that right.

You see, every other marketer will tell you that the money is in the list and you’ve gotta have a big list, and you’ve gotta keep growing the list, and the more you mail the more money you make.

Don’t get me wrong here…

That’s not all bad advice.

It’s just that every coaching program, ebook, software, course that I studied had so many “missing pieces” that it prevented me from getting the results I wanted… if any at all.

If you’ve been around for a while, you can probably relate to what I’m talking about.

And Then I Met John Thornhill

A couple of years or so ago, I was reading an email from my mentor and internet marketing legend, John Thornhill and in this message John said this, “If you want to make more money, you need to mail your list more often”.

That really struck a chord with me.

The reality is that before I read that email, I had been emailing my list about 3 times week. Why? Because like most marketers, I thought that if you mailed them too often, they would complain, report me to the spam Gods, and of course unsubscribe.

So… I listened to John.

Guess what?


More Opens. More Clicks. More Sales!

YES! It worked!

Although I felt I just cracked the code, the reality is I was only scratching the surface. You see, just mailing your list more often is a start but there are a lot more pieces to the puzzle.

Next, I began sharpening my skills and learning everything I could about Email Marketing so that I could become an expert.

I Take My Email Marketing Education Seriously!

Fast forward to today...

I have been trained and certified as an Email Marketing Specialist. Yes, that's how serious I am about being one of the "Best of the Best" when it comes to setting myself apart from the competition and being your "Go To" expert for everything you need to know about Email Marketing!

After a lot of studying, tweaking, testing, and scaling…

We Proudly Introduce You To...

Full Access To Email Marketing Advantage Plus MC & DFY

Email Marketing Advantage Is The Breakthrough Course That Can Help You Achieve Better Success, Increase Your Income, And Live The Lifestyle You Seek!

Email Marketing Advantage goes light years beyond the traditional list building courses, because it focuses on the action steps you must take in order to effectively communicate with your list of prospects and transform them into customers, repeat customers, and raving fans.

Email Marketing Advantage is a Compete 10 module video course with over 69 minutes of step by step training. Each video tutorial will reveal all the secrets to email marketing management and best practices. After several years of testing and tweaking we have produced the ultimate formula and having this strategic insider information at your fingertips will position you for success and help you achieve the results you desire!


Here’s How Email Marketing Advantage Will Benefit You:

  • Module 1: When Is The Best Time To Email Your List?

After thousands of emails sent at various times of the day, we have come to the conclusion the clear-cut definitive answer on the best time to send out your email-marketing message.

The answer will surprise you.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 3 Minutes 52 Seconds

  • Module 2: Double Optin Vs. Single Optin

One of the most popular and controversial questions in the world of Email Marketing Which is it best: single optin or double opt-in when signing someone up to your list?

This module will provide the answer.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 5 Minutes 11 Seconds

  • Module 3: How To Create Marketing Emails That Convert

In this training module, we will take you step by step through the process of creating marketing emails that convert. Writing promotional emails can serve as the backbone of your email marketing success.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 33 Minutes 25 Seconds

  • Module 4: How Often Should You Mail Your List?

Wanting to know how often you should communicate with your list, is one of the most commonly asked questions in email marketing.

We’ve have tested this and also talked with several top marketers and in this module, we reveal our findings.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 2 Minutes 7 Seconds

  • Module 5: Should You Ask For The Subscriber's First Name?

We've been asked this very question more times than we can remember. You wann know what works best?

You'll find out in this module.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 2 Minutes 18 Seconds

  • Module 6: How To Track Your Click Through And Open Rates?

Tracking your open rates and clickthrough rates is essential to your email marketing. It is important that you know how often your subscribers are opening your emails and how often they are clicking the links within the body of your messages.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 8 Minutes 30 Seconds

  • Module 7: How To Find Balance In Your Email Marketing?

In this video module, we are going to discuss how you can find balance in your email marketing. In other words, how much should you be sending promotional emails versus how much you should be offering free stuff?

VIDEO RUNTIME: 3 Minutes 2 Seconds

  • Module 8: The Art Of Story Telling

As a kid growing up, you’ve probably heard many stories. There were bedtime stories. There were the fairytales like Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks, Jack and the beanstalk, which happens to be my favorite this very day.

Effective storytelling is essential to your email marketing success because it’s something that captivates your audience’s undivided attention.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 2 Minutes 33 Seconds

  • Module 9: Plain Text Vs. HTML Emails

Some marketers create their emails using html formatting, while other use a simple text version.

We are going to travel to our computer and show you which email version we use and why.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 1 Minute 50 Seconds

  • Module 10: Call To Action Tips

In this video module, we are going to discuss how you can create a powerful call to action (CTA's) in your emails. A live example watch over my shoulders how i walk you through to get more noticed and get your prospect taking action .

VIDEO RUNTIME: 4 Minutes 30 Seconds


And, You’ll Also Get FREE Access To…



You Will Also Receive Step By Step Video Training, Showing You How To Deploy Your Templates On OptimizePress, ProfitBuilder And InstaBuilder 2.0!

And, You’ll Also Get FREE Access To…

Autoresponder Master Class


Here’s a quick recap of everything you’ll receive with your Autoresponder MasterClass training right now:


Autoresponder MasterClass - Aweber Edition

The Autoresponder MasterClass Aweber Edition is Your 21 Part High-Definition video series provides you with detailed ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ style step-by-step tutorials that leave no technical stone un-turned.

Autoresponder MasterClass - GetResponse Edition

The Autoresponder MasterClass GetResponse Edition is Your 24 Part High-Definition video series provides you with detailed ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ style step-by-step tutorials that leave no technical stone un-turned.


Your 21 Part video series provides you with detailed ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ style step-by-step tutorials that leave no technical stone un-turned.

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • 1. An Introduction To Aweber – In the first video in this series you will see many of the awesome tools & features as well as the pricing structure. Running Time 5:39
  • 2. Signup – As the title hints at, this video is a walk through of the signup process. You will see me signup for a brand new Aweber account that I use, along with my ‘demo’ car care business & website, in all the videos in this series. Running Time 3:18
  • 3. List Setup – One of the more important videos in the entire series. We cover an overview of the Home page, your list statistics, the importance of ‘swipe files’ as well as adding a custom header image to your list pages. Aweber says 600 pixels but I show you 800 pixels. Running Time 9:27
  • 4. Global Text Snippets – A very cool automation feature Aweber offers. I show an example of using Global Text Snippets for making some extra money with ‘in-message’ advertising but as I also cover in a later video in this series, you can use the Global Snippets for other ways to make money. Running Time 6:20
  • 5. Create Web Form – In video 05 I go through the 3 steps of creating the Web Form. Design, Settings then Publishing. Here I add the Web Form code to my demo car care website. All you have to do is watch then do – It’s that easy! Also talk briefly about what a squeeze page is. Running Time 7:13
  • 6. Customizing Web Form – Once you have your Web Form installed on your site(s) you decide you need to make a change on some element of your form. Like the headline or the color or any change at all. This video shows you how to customize your form and like magic, the changes are instantly made on every page you have the form on. Running Time 5:47
  • 7. List Importing – This is an important video. If you are moving from another email service to Aweber this is a must see video. I show you the various ways to import your subscriber list but more importantly, what you should do BEFORE you import. Running Time 4:50
  • 8. Create Templates – Video 08 will save you a ton of time! I show you in detail how to create a template that you can use over and over. The difference between a theme and a template. Running Time 9:17
  • 9. Create Follow Up Messages – In video 09 I walk you through the creation of a follow up message. I cover important elements of your follow up messages like adding clickable links, the importance of image alt text and why & how to schedule your follow up messages on certain days of the week. A cool feature in Aweber is the ability to schedule your messages in the time zones of your subscribers. Not to worry – I show you how to do it. Running Time 5:28
  • 10. Create Broadcast Messages – In my opinion, creating broadcast messages (when done correctly) is your main monetization feature in your Aweber account. I walk you through all phases of crafting your broadcast message. Also included is a tip on using your broadcast archive page. Running Time 5:47
  • 11. Blog Broadcasts – If you have a blog – and you should, then you will want to see this video. I show you how to set up this ‘auto’ feature so that every time you post new content to your blog, your subscribers are automatically notified. This is much easier and reliable than an rss feed for both you and your subscribers. Running Time 5:59
  • 12. Backup Your Lists – Doing backups are an important part of all your online activities & your most important business asset – your subscriber list, is no different. I show you how to do a backup as well as tips on organization and the contents of your backup files. Running Time 3:54
  • 13. Removing Inactive Subscribers – In video 12 I touch on active & inactive subscribers and in video 13 I show you how to remove the inactive ones and why you want to remove them. (Hint – it has to do with analytics and money) Running Time 3:46
  • 14. Create List Segments – Creating segments is a valuable tool for your Aweber account. Video 14 shows you how to create various segments that can fatten your bottom line a great deal. I also touch on another type of ‘inactive’ subscriber that in my opinion, should not be removed. I cover how to handle this type of subscriber. Running Time 5:10
  • 15. Copy Messages – If you loved the conversions or CTR (click through rates) of one of your follow up or broadcast messages, this video shows you how to save the time from creating that message again from scratch and instead, just make a copy of it. This ‘copy’ can be used in the same list or even in a different list. Running Time 2:35
  • 16. Sharing Messages – This video shows you another money making opportunity within your Aweber account that many people are not aware of. In the previous video I show you how to copy a single message (follow up & broadcast) & in this video I’ll show you how to copy and even monetize all the messages on a particular list. I’m talking about an entire sequence of follow up messages PLUS your broadcast messages. A huge time saver and potential money maker! Running Time 2:58
  • 17. Split Testing Web Forms – Video 17 shows you how & why to split test your web forms. Equally important is what not to do when you split test your web forms, which I cover in this video as well. Running Time 4:55
  • 18. Split Testing Broadcast Messages – For the same reasons you split test your web forms, you should also be split testing your broadcast messages. Video 18 shows you what is required before you can split test your broadcast messages and some ‘best practices’ you should adhere to. Running Time 5:26
  • 19. Statistics & Reports – The statistics of your messages will help you in your split testing which will help you improve your conversions which means Mo Money! I show you where to find these nuggets of knowledge and a few other tips that will help you track the ‘good and the bad’ of all your messages – follow ups & broadcast messages. Running Time 5:56
  • 20. Subscriber Search – This video is another time saver. I show you how to search by subscriber name (that is an easy one) but what if you only know they used a gmail email address or the day they subscribed. This video covers the bases on how to locate a subscriber anywhere on your Aweber account. Running Time 2:37
  • 21. Adding Video To Messages – As the title implies, this video shows you how to add video to your email messages. Unfortunately I’ve seen many people ‘teach’ the wrong way to do this. I demonstrate the wrong way and of course the correct way and show you the results of both. I include a nice bonus tip to make things a lot easier & faster. Running Time 4:44


Your 24 Part video series provides you with detailed ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ style step-by-step tutorials that leave no technical stone un-turned.

How To Use An Autoresponder- GetResponse Edition – Training videos are your GEEK-SPEAK-FREE Video Guides That You Can Brand & Call Them Your Own Creation.

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • 1. An Introduction To GetResponse - In the first video in this series you will see many of the awesome tools & features as well as the pricing structure. Running Time 6:15
  • 2. Signup – As the title hints at, this video is a walk through of the signup process. You will see me signup for a brand new GetResponse account that I use, along with my ‘demo’ car care business & website, in all the videos in this series. Running Time 4:05
  • 3. Multimedia Studio – Tips you will not see elsewhere on how to benefit from the Bonus GetResponse Multimedia Studio. Add images, videos & even audio files to your messages using the FREE media hosting that GetResponse provides. GR has a minor bug in the Multimedia Studio but I show you the workaround at 1:15 in the video. Running Time 6:22
  • 4. Campaign Setup – Never again worry if you are properly setting up your GR campaigns. I spend almost 8 minutes detailing this 2 minute process just so every base is covered for you. I cover the ‘How’ & the ‘What’ but most importantly the ‘WHY’ Running Time 7:45
  • 5. Custom Confirmation – If you choose to use the double opt-in feature then you need to watch this video! I show you how to choose the best confirmation template for your sequence and how to personalize it. Running Time 2:21
  • 6. Create Web Form – You will discover the basics of creating a converting web form as well as the ‘Best Practices’ for even higher conversion rates with your web forms. Plus you will watch as I add the code to my web site & why I did it this way. Running Time 8:25
  • 7. Customizing Web Forms – I show you how to instantly edit your web forms on every site they are on with the cilck of one button. No More hum-drum web forms from you! Add free images & fully customize your web forms after watching me to mine. Running Time 7:35
  • 8. Custom Fields – The power of GR’s Custom Fields are now at your fingertips. Video 08 details how to create these marketing marvels as well as why you need them. Running Time 5:13
  • 9. Create Horizontal Web Forms – All the cool kids are doing it! Now you will too. Without the cost of additional plugins or software, I show you how to create the side-by-side email + submit button web form. I am also including the copy & paste code that I use in the video. Simple Simon! Running Time 6:21
  • 10. Create Thank You Pages – Video 10 can easily sell as a stand-alone product! In the video I show you the best practices when creating several types of thank you pages PLUS I am including 5 html templates that I used in the video for you to use. Running Time 6:30
  • 11. Adding Subscribers – Believe it or not, there are some subscribers you DO NOT want on your lists. I detail the 3 ways to add the right subscribers to your campaigns. Running Time 4:23
  • 12. Automation Rules – In video 12 I talk about what a sales funnel is and how Automation Rules will save you a ton of time and help keep your list properly organized. Running Time 2:39
  • 13. Message Editor – The Message Editor in GetResponse has many options but after you watch video 13 you will use it like a Master. Videos 14 & 15 will help you master the message editor at a whole new level. Running Time 5:56
  • 14. Create Snippets – In this video you will discover what a GetResponse snippet is and how to take advantage of this super time saver. Running Time 4:24
  • 15. Adding PayPal Buttons – The more PayPal buttons you have on the interweb, the greater the chances are that someone will click on one and send you money! There are 2 ways to add PayPal buttons to your GR messages – the hard way & the easy way I show you in this video. Running Time 3:37
  • 16. Email Templates – Video 16 details another super time saver by creating message templates that you can repurpose and reuse over & over. In the spirit of saving you even more time – I’m including more copy & paste files for you to use on your templates. Running Time 7:55
  • 17. Time Based Autoresponders – The next several videos cover the ‘Meat & Potatoes’ of GetResponse, the autoresponders. Video 17 covers the Time Based autoresponder & how to set yours up properly. Running Time 5:16
  • 18. Action Based Autoresponders – GetResponse’s Action Based autoresponders are quite possibly the most under-used Power Feature offered by GR. I walk you through setting up your action based autoresponder as well as a few prime examples of when you should. Another ‘How & Why’ Running Time 4:28
  • 19. Date Based Autoresponders – Like in video 18, the Date Based autoresponder is another under-used Power Feature from GR. In this video I show you exactly how to create your Date Based autoresponders and most importantly WHAT NOT TO DO. How to build & maintain relationships with your subscribers as well as monetizing your Data Based autoresponders – all covered in Video 19! This is a much more detailed version of the ‘Sample’ video from the top of this page. The sample video is 3 minutes – this one is 6 minutes Running Time 6:15
  • 20. Newsletters – This video covers a brief explanation of what a Newsletter is but a more detailed demonstration of how to craft one properly and put it to use. Running Time 4:52
  • 21. Message Manager – Like many managers, the GR Message Manager can perform many duties. This video will detail each of them so you can easily Master The Message Manager Running Time 4:05
  • 22. Segmentation – Video 22 was created to remove any guess work on the power of segmenting your subscribers and of course How To Segment your subscribers. Yes, video 22 covers the recent changes to segmenting your subscribers so you are in good hands! Running Time 6:33
  • 23. Surveys – Another power feature from GetResponse. Creating engaging surveys within GetResponse is easy when you know how. In this video I show you how to create one and read the generated statistics. Plus the pros and cons to using the GR survey feature. Running Time 6:41
  • 24. Split Testing – In this video you will discover the importance of Split-Testing, the importance of what to Split-Test and of course How To Split-Test your messages. Running Time 4:29

We want to overdeliver to the extreme… That’s why we are giving you much much more!

Have a look at the Value-Added Bonus we have for you today:

  • Email Copy Checklist

This Is Your Checklist For Writing Emails That Get High Responses. Follow These Action Steps To Create Action Oriented Emails To Your Subscribers.

  • 10 High Converting Email Templates

With This Set Of Powerful Email Templates, You Will Be Able To Click On The Template That You Want To Use For High Converting Email Messages.

  • 100 Email Subject Lines

These Subject Lines Rock! Simply Copy-and-paste These 100 Email Subject Lines To Get More Opens, Clicks And Sales From Your Subscribers!

  • The Top 40 Fill-In The Blanks

Here Are Your 40 Top Fill In The Blanks Blog Post And Information Product Titles. You Will Learn How To Use Words To Capture People’s Attention And Get More Click-throughs.

  • 30 Content Starters

With These 30 Content Starters, You Will Never Run Of Ideas For Your Blog, Article And Information Product Ever Again!

  • Your "More Subscribers" Getting Formula

In This Kick-butt Video Training, Lonnie Robinson Takes A More Analytical Approach To Sharing How He Was Able To Get More Subscribers Without Having To Get More Traffic.

We've Held Absolutely Nothing Back!


With everything we’ve included today, Email Marketing Advantage will be your top “Go To” resource for effectively communication with your lists of subscribers and customers. This is the very same formula we’ve used create better open rates, clickthroughs and more sales.

Inside Email Marketing Advantage, we will show you our exact email marketing and management methods step by step.

You will be absolutely amazed at the closely guarded secrets we will reveal. Staring from Module One, we explain everything you must do to improve your email marketing efforts in great detail guaranteed.

Here's What Our Members Are Saying...

Congrats On A Job Well Done!

Everyone who does any sort of business online these days NEEDS to know Email Marketing!

Your Email Marketing Advantage covers some of the best practices I know of, that I encourage my own students to do!

I do like the fact that you cover everything that people should be doing in your product.

I will be happy to recommend Email Marketing Advantage to anyone who is looking for simple ways to improve their relationships, and generate profits from their email list!

- John Thornhill

Thanks for allowing us to review your Email Marketing Advantage!

With the step by step details you mention, it does make it a lot easier for anyone to fully understand everything they can do with Email Marketing, and how to implement it all.

And Any 'Advantage' we can recommend to our readers is always helpful 🙂

Having an email list is one thing, but many don't know how to consistently generate profits from it. So it's definitely a skill that is required these days!


- Simon and Randy

I can't say enough good things about Email Marketing Advantage!

Email Marketing advantage is truly a game changer!

Wael and his team have created a training program that will set you on the right track to success.

I encourage you to take action on this and add this to your "Go To" arsenal of training. You will be glad you did!

- Lonnie Robinson

Wael’s Email Marketing Advantage Course Has All The Answers!

Creating a successful email marketing campaign is not only one of the most important undertakings for any internet marketer, but it is a time consuming task and it can take years to learn all the proper techniques.

There are many ways to prepare and launch an email campaign and I have always had questions, but sometimes I could not find an answer and would wonder if I was doing it right. Well, I don’t have to wonder anymore, because Wael’s Email Marketing Advantage course has all the answers.

-Dave Weber

The Training Takes Any Beginner To An Advance Email Marketer!

The only thing I can say is WOW!!! What a great product! I wish I had this training when I first signed up to Aweber. It would have saved me a lot of time and grief.

The training takes any beginner to an Advance Email Marketer!

With this product you will really have an Email Advantage over your competitors. No stone is left unturned as all the bases is covered. This product is well put together, the members area is so user friendly, it’s great. I have definitely learnt a lot from this product, and I have been marketing for some time.

The bonuses are awesome and the training about how to write converting emails is worth its weight in gold. I can confidently say no matter what level of marketer you are you can benefit from this program.

Congratulations Wael!

You have definitely over delivered.

-Tasleem Khan


We created Email Marketing Advantage for the serious business owner. The fact is, communicating effective with your prospects and clients is a “Must” if you want to compete in today’s marketplace. Whether you are a brick and mortar store owner or even a serial blogger, communication is key!

Email Marketing Advantage is for you if you are:

  • An Affiliate Product Marketer

    If you’re selling other peoples’ products, email marketing will allow you to promote those offers to your clients.

  • An Ecommerce Store Owner

    As an ecommerce store owner, you can provide your customers with new product announcements, discount coupons, and special sales.

  • A Digital Product Creator

    As a digital product creator, you can promote your products to your list and introduce them to new product offerings and follow up.

  • A Personal Development Coach

    As a personal development, fitness, or business coach you can literally use email marketing to deliver digital coach sessions to your clients.

  • A Podcaster or Video Expert

    Imagine being able to send a message to your podcast or video channel subscribers at the click of a button? Email marketing gives you the power!

  • A Software Platform Developer

    Are you a software developer whose always updating your software? Email marketing is a great way to introduce those updates to your clients.

His product Email Marketing Advantage gets my highest recommendation.

The product Wael created is outstanding in the information it delivers. It guides you step by step through all the important aspects of creating a successful email marketing campaign. If you are new to email marketing, or don't get the results you were expecting, then make sure to invest in it today. His product Email Marketing Advantage gets my highest recommendation.

-Torsten Müller


It is of the upmost importance that we be totally honest and transparent with you. As a matter of fact, the reason we are giving you this opportunity to learn our in house system is because we want to do our very best in assisting you in your business and provide you with the best tips, tools, and training that will help you succeed online.

As you can see by everything I’ve shared here including who this program is for, you’re probably getting a sense of whether this program is right for you or not.

If you feel this program is right for you and believe that if you take action on all of the valuable content you’ll receive, we look forward to having you join us.

If not, that’s okay too.

This program is not for everybody, and was designed with a particular set of students in mind.


Thank you for letting me road test your course Email Marketing Advantage, impressive to say the least.

How often have we heard the expression “The Money Is In The List.” We know it is but how to we go about retaining that list and more importantly monetizing the list?

This is something that I personally struggled with when I started online, I had to work it all out for myself, that was tough! Now Wael has put together THE complete course on how to engage your subscribers and how to monetize the list.

This is seriously good stuff, not only does he show you the tools to use BUT also how you can use them for maximum effect. Email Marketing remains the most powerful tool in your armory.

Email Marketing Advantage is the course I wish I had had when I started. It comes with my highest recommendation.

-Robert Corrigan

You Are Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

Email Marketing Advantage is covered by my 100% “No Questions - No Quibble” Hassle Free Guarantee.

Register for the training today, and watch the videos. Dive into all the content we’ve added, including the valuable bonuses and take immediate action on everything you’re learning.

If you get to the end of the training and you aren’t 100% satisfied with the methods we share, all you have to do is contact our support team and ask for a refund. It’s that simple.

We will cheerfully give you your money back, no questions, quibble, or hassles.

You’ve obviously got nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain when you join us today.

Wael Delivers With Action And Implementation

Email Marketing Advantage is the cheapest and easiest way to learn how to build an email list that generates income. Wael delivers so take action on implementation!

-Roman Jancic


To reserve your access to Email Marketing Advantage TODAY, simply click the order button below and fill in your payment details. As soon as complete your registration, you will be emailed your login and password details so that you can access your members area… where you can begin diving into the training.

Go ahead and get started today by clicking the order button below.

Get Your Copy Today (Special Introductory Price Discount)

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You Are Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

I found the information in the Email Marketing Advantage Videos very beneficial.

As a relatively newbie to Internet Marketing I found the information in the Email Marketing Advantage Videos very beneficial. They answer several questions that I had been pondering over for some time, and I have already successfully taken a couple of the 100 email subject lines and amended them to my needs.

-Stuart Watton


I’ll see you inside the members area!

You don't want to let this offer pass you by. It is important that you take the time to try something that has been proven to work. Why keep doing the same thing over and over again, only to be disappointed? Nothing will change.

I encourage you to grab Email Marketing Advantage right now, and you’ll be on your way to finally learning how to build a list of clients and prospects that will see you as the authority. All you have to do is click the buy button above now.

Wael Kaheel

P.S. If you really had to, you could quite possibly figure this stuff out on your own. That’s exactly what I did in the beginning. I must tell you that there are a few problems with doing it that way. The problems are:

- There is a lot of misinformation out there being shared by so called “experts” who are making it up as they go along and/or regurgitating what they have heard elsewhere.

- It could cost you hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars and time to get the “right information” but that search could take you a lot of time and headache navigating to the many options available and choosing one that works for you.

- You could continue jumping on webinars that promise to share the info you need (for free) only to give you a hint of what steps to take, in an attempt to sell you the “real” solution for a nominal fee.

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